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CoKnown means Collective Knowledge

CoKnown empowers you to Clip the best of webpages and save them to Cloud based Projects. Available whenever and wherever you need them. Think Pinterest meets Evernote - then start adding features to allow you to organize and share your way!

Clip & Save

The CoKnown Toolbar allows you to save the best bits of any webpage. Clippings are stored on your CoKnown Project pages and available on any internet device.


Organize Clippings by dragging & dropping on Pinboards and re-size them just as easily. Simply put, CoKnown empowers you to Scrapbook the Internet. Add Tabs for as many Pinboards and Lists as you need to keep things organized. Toggle Pinboards to List views when notes are more important than clippings. Add notes or any length with a full text editor.


CoKnown is completely Collaborative, so you can work with friends or coworkers. You have full permission control over your Projects and Collaborators.


You can have as many Private Projects on CoKnown as you want. Privacy and full archival webpages are only $1.95/month.


Share your Projects on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or via email. You can also embed your Project directly in your website or blog. Save your favorite Projects like recipes to your phone for instant access when you need them.

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